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Latest News

7th Dec. 2021: New version 2.7.60 is now online

The new version 2.7.60 was published today, please upgrade from version 2.7.52 ASAP, there was a bug in adding new clients that was fixed in the new version

2nd Dec. 2021: License Expiry Date Issue

There has been a rush of expired keys for Retailman POS, the reason is the new version requires the serial number of the software to be provided for the key not to expire, we are issuing new keys for any user who experience such an issue, we would have automatically sent the keys except our UK ex-reseller has not provided us with the contact information to his clients despite us asking him many times for this information.
Please note if you experience such an issue, your data is still safe, its just an annoying inconvenience and we will provide you with the full keys as soon as we receive the information from you.
Also note that we will offer free upgrade to version 2.8 (when its available) for anyone who did experience such an issue

3rd November 2021: Youtube tutorials channel

We have started a new "how to" youtube channel to explain how to use our software.

If you have any suggestions or requests on what you need to learn using these videos, please do let us know.

We will be adding more videos in the future to cover all aspects of using the software. 

22 October 2021: UK reseller has retired

Our UK reseller (, Kielder Connections and @ccounts) is no longer in business with us and is not responding to emails or calls, please contact us on for sales or for support.

15 October 2021 : New staff added to the Ezisolution Team

We are pleased to announce an addition to our four member staff team, Mr. Jesse Brown who will act as our technical director and will also be producing educational videos on using our software, This will ease support calls to our help desk and support staff as well support calls to our great resellers and integrators and give them more time to dedicate to selling our software.

We also urge all end users to buy from your local resellers as they offer great support and advice and help employ good people in your own community to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. 

1st October 2021 : We now accept Crypto Currency 

We are pleased to announce that we started accepting Crypto Currencies for selling our products and services. This should come as good news for resellers and users who are not able to buy from us due to their country's  regulations stopping them from sending money overseas.  We have teamed up with a company called Plisio to handle our Crypto sales.

The Crypto Currency payment option will now show up on the checkout page and our clients now can pay using Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards, and Crypto, we are also open to accepting bank payments, as well as other forms of payments like Skrill and Western Union  on request.

A shout-out to our great reseller/integrator "ABLE DIGITAL Nigeria" Mr. EMEKA OKOLI who twisted our arm in to accepting the Crypto Currency payment.

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